Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free Yeti from Woozworld

From the Official Woozworld Blog:
Hello Woozens!

Easter is coming up and the Easter Bunny is on its way!!!

Nah, forget about the Easter Bunny, and say hello to our “little” friend: THE EASTER YETI!!! That’s right, we are giving away FREE EASTER YETI!!! We know it’s a bit crazy, but we Woozens are always different from the rest and welike to do things our way… And that’s what makes us so special, cool and unique! It’s just part of our charm!

To receive your free Yeti, you simply have to sign-in to your Woozworld account between March 23rd and April 6 and it will automatically be added to your inventory!!! Don’t forget to tell your Woozen friends to log-in and to tell your other friends to register to Woozworld, so they can also take advantage of this fantastic offer!!! (FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY It’s a cool way to make a cool and original gift to your friends? We are sure you will be the first one to give them a Yeti… with bunny ears!

We’ll be waiting for you in Woozworld to celebrate Woozworld with you… and your Yeti!!!

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