Sunday, April 25, 2010

Woozworld’s Next Superstar (WNS) – Let the Auditionz begin!

From the Official Woozworld Blog:

Dear Woozens,

You keep hearing about the WNS Live it up, Rich and Famous Edition, but we bet you wonder “What can I win?” Well, prepare to be amazed and to fall off your seat! Actually, you might want to go get a helmet before you keep reading!

This is the biggest, most prestigious, most super-duper-hugest-awesomest-rock-on-magical-crazy-amazing-exciting contest ever! The prizes have to be just as super-duper-huge-ro… Ok… You get the idea… Here is what you could win by becoming one of the two (one boy, one girl) Woozworld Superstar:

•10,000 WOOZ!!! (ka-ching!)
•A super exclusive Golden Helicopter with your own private pilot!
•A complete new wardrobe including some very fashionable items not yet released in Woozworld.
•A pack of Superstar Spellz!
•The Glory Crown, awarded during the Coronation Ceremony!
•Your own personal statues displayed in the upcoming Star-Dome!

And of course, the joy and pride of being a Superstar!

So who are the two lucky Woozens who will become Woozworld’s Next Superstars and live the big life?

Will it be you?

See you at the Auditionz!

Your Woozband

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