Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pandanda Launch Week

From the Pandanda Website:

We are delighted to officially launch Pandanda starting today October 24th and there will be celebrations all day long!

As Henry mentioned in his blog both he and Sheriff Steele will be visiting all around Pandanda starting at midnight and later throughout the day. Your favorite moderators will also be there! There will be new locations, new clothes, new furniture, new pets, and lots of excitement!

Everyone who logs in on Launch day will get at least one launch shirt (and theres another one if you can find it).

Later this week Henry will be announcing his next great competition that everyone can participate in!

We are also delighted to introduce a new community game that is especially appropriate for Halloween, and is the first of many new games to be introduced throughout the year.

All beta players member and non-member alike will receive a beta thank you package that will include a few beta items that no-one will ever be able to get again. We also made it possible for everyone to keep all of the coins they have earned during beta! Non-members will also get to keep any of the party and Zing items that are shown at the bottom of this page.

A little later in the week we should start to see our first Pets hatch. We can't wait!

We will finish up Launch week with another Party on Halloween, October 31st, at Noon, Pacific Standard Time.

Its going to be a really fun week - thanks for joining us on Pandanda."

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